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Web Design

We design and build business and personal web sites using standards compliant coding set out by the World Wide Web Consortium W3C, this ensures your web site should look as intended in all standards compliant browsers and function as intended.

You can have an original website built from the ground up using a freshly designed logo and images based on your ideas and concepts, or if you already have a brand image and colour scheme we can adapt it for your web site so you maintain your corporate image.

We can provide traditional html websites if you don't need to update them very often or CMS (content management system) templates that will work with your chosen CMS package if you wish to add and modify content yourself - this approach can save you time and money in the long term if you require regular changes. Templates can also be created based on your existing hard coded web site.

Most CMS packages are open source, run on Linux and are free of cost, the only requirement is to display a link back to the product website, most do however allow you to remove the link if you pay a small license fee.

If you can use a word processor you will feel completely at home with the majority of CMS systems after a very short time.

Main differences between Linux and windows hosting servers:

Linux is an open source system and is therefore more cost-effective to operate and maintain than Windows, it also has a reputation for stability and speed which means that web servers will crash far less often than Windows web servers, it is also a fact that Linux runs most processes faster than Windows. Linux supports a wide range of software, applications, languages, and databases such as PHP, Perl / CGI, PostGre, MySQL, PostgreSQL and many others making it extremely scalable.

The majority of web sites are hosted on Linux servers as these offer greater overall security, you can however choose to use a windows based server if you have specific preferences for doing so but it won't have quite the same level of flexibility.

The main distinction Windows servers have is the ability to run Microsoft software products such as Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL databases. Windows servers offer web developers the use of Microsoft's proprietary programming environments such as Active Server Pages (ASP), .NET, Visual Basic Scripts, MS Index Server. There are also some very good ASP CMS packages available.